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FMS question papers are helpful for all candidates to refer and score high marks in all types of tests. FMS provides subject wise practice papers and mock tests, previous year question papers for eligibility purpose.

Faculty of Management studies conducts entrance exam every year for MBA and for other programmes. In previous days MBA entrance exam had 175 questions. But, FMS has increased number of questions from 175 to 200 questions. The exam consists of objective type.

Right answer conveys 4 marks and wrong answer carries negative marks. The duration of exam is 120 min, hence students have to manage time and solve all the problems within time. If candidates not attempt any question that carry nil marks.

If the candidate is not sure about the answer then don’t attend such question, because if the answer is wrong it carries negative marks. FMS Question paper consists of 4 sections those are quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, data interpretation, verbal logic and reading comprehension.

Every subject has study material in their sector, suppose if you are preparing for quantitative aptitude than candidate needs to study on algebra, interest, number system, geometry etc. it covers all syllabus and study material. In logical reasoning you need to study on puzzle, cubes and order and sequencing, family relation and routes materials.

In data interpretation subjects’ candidate needs to study on material like bar graphs, line graphs, tables, piecharts, and combination graphs etc. In verbal logic and Reading Comprehension, candidate needs to study materials like sentence correction, verbal logic, critical reasoning, vocabulary, reading comprehension.

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