FMS exams Tricks will help you

FMS exams Tricks will help you after you finish your coaching classes and after finishing your study preparation.Dont try to learn new concepts at peak time of exam. It would confuse you. For quantitative aptitude section you need to practice some previous year papers. Take FMS online practice test for your planning.  FMS is not difficult as CAT and XAT. But it is very lengthy. There are 200 questions in FMS and candidate should have good speed to make it in to FMS.But, CAT have less questions and candidates need to focus more  on original reasoning.

FMS mainly judges candidates on 4 crucial areas those are English, mathematics, logical thinking and speed.

In English you need to be perfect in grammar, reading, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

In mathematics you need to focus on thoughtful of ideas. After scanning the question paper you need to sort out difficult and easiest questions. Then try to solve first easiest one. Mathematics test encloses the basics of   momentum, ellipse, and equation of parabola, conditional probability, calculus and its application, trigonometry all these topics. Try to cover all the topics for FMS exam.

FMS paper is all about speed. The more you practice you can be better in your speed and do fare in your entrance exam. Hence do not waste your time by solving difficult questions. Try to solve easiest questions first.

Improve your logical thinking process. Because, reasoning section is a combination of questions based on logical, critical and analytical reasoning. Take online test in logical reasoning. 

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